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Clearly! Confidently! Creatively!

For over 65 years, we have given students the tools to express imaginatively, dream big, and have fun! Skills and friendships found here last a lifetime. All classes are led by area professionals. Every class concludes with a showcase onstage in our very own Nighswander Theatre.

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("TR" = Teacher Recommendation required)
Creative Theatre Fun (3-4)
Broadway Babies (3-4)
Acting (5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12)
Intermediate Acting (7-9 / 10-12) (TR)
Advanced Acting (9-12) (TR)
Improv (7-9 / 10-12)
Broadway (5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12)
Teen Acting (13+)
Spectrum Theatre
Magic Workshop (10+) - Fall/Winter Sessions Only
Homeschool Theatre (5-6, 7-10, 11-14) - Fall/Winter Sessoins Only

Creative Theatre Fun (Summer Schedule)
Ages 3-4
Fun! Imagination! Game-play! Students explore creative role-play, mime, imaginary play, basic improvisation, movement, crafts, and games to develop a healthy and physical imagination. Your little one is sure to gain the confidence to succeed.

Broadway Babies (Summer Schedule)
Ages 3-4
Explore storytelling through song and dance. This class develops coordination and social skills through exercises, movement, crafts and games. Class concludes with a musical theatre performance.

Acting (Summer Schedule)
Ages 5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12
New, dynamic, and fun each session, our acting class can be taken time and time again to expand foundational skills. Acting develops students' ability to speak clearly, confidently, and creatively! This imaginative, high-energy environment also provides basic theatre terminology, improvisation, characterization, vocal technique and physical skills. Concludes with the performance of a play!

Intermediate Acting (Summer Schedule)
Ages 7-9 / 10-13
Pre-requisite: Acting + Other Course or Acting + Teacher Recommendation
Building on skills learned in previous courses, Intermediate Acting provides a greater challenge. Physicality, characterization, and vocalization skills are expanded. Grow your skills and make your story larger than life!

Advanced Acting (Summer Schedule)
Ages 9-13
Pre-requisites: Intermediate Acting x 2 + Teacher Recommendation
Upon mastering all the core acting skills, students are recommended into Advanced Acting. This class deepens the imagination and technique of storytelling. The class uses a variety of tools to develop new skills, while reinforcing old ones. It’s something new each time!

Improv (Summer Schedule)
Ages 5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12 / 13+
Ever see ComedySportz or Whose Line is it Anyway? Improv will have you thinking on the spot in no time! Countless comedians and public speakers credit their success to improv training. Through a collection of games and exercises, students develop the ability to think quickly and imaginatively.

Broadway (Summer Schedule)
Ages 5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12
Ever wonder what it’s like to be in a Broadway musical? Now is your time to find out! Become a “Triple Threat” by learning what it takes to dance, sing and act. No one is required to sing a solo (though some may be offered), as this class is about building confidence.

Teen Acting (Summer Schedule)
Ages 13+
Whether you are a first time actor or experienced veteran, this class is an exciting challenge! Teen Acting is a great way to get professional theatrical training, some onstage experience, and meet other teens from around the theatre circuit in the Quad Cities.

Spectrum Theatre (Summer Schedule)
Ages Varies
Intended for students on the Autism Spectrum, these classes creates a rich social experience by implementing the skills used in theatrical interpretation. This enhances and develops the students' creativity and self-expression. We have broken out our classes to help approach a number of developmental topics in a fun and dynamic way. To learn more about Spectrum Theatre, click here!

Magic Workshop (Fall / Winter Sessions Only)
Ages 10+
Award-winning magician, David Casas, will lead this special 6-week magic workshop series at Davenport Junior Theatre! Students will learn basic tricks involving slight of hand, rope, balls, cards, and other everyday items turned to magic. Magic teaches focus, dedication, coordination and communication. All magic supplies are covered by the enrollment fee. The class will conclude with a demonstration of skills learned.

Homeschool Theatre (Fall / Winter Sessions Only)
Ages 5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12 / 13+
Classes are run like our traditional theatre classes with the addition of some theatre history, vocabulary, technical theatre, design and other educational content. Acting classes are new, dynamic, and fun each session. These classes can be explored time and time again to expand foundational skills. This imaginative, high energy environment provides theatre terminology, vocal technique and physical skills. Concludes with performance of a play!

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