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Mainstage Audition Results


Auditions for the next shows will be in August 2017, as we audition for Season 66.  We encourage all our students to try out again and continue to take classes here at DJT or gain theatrical experience wherever they can!


Our apologies on the delay.  Got caught up helping new families register at DJT.

First off, congrats to all who auditioned.  You are amazing, awesome and brave kids.  We are so lucky to get to know you and share with you in the arts.  We hope all of you will continue to take classes, camps and workshops alongside your Mainstage endeavors.  There is always more to learn!

After an over two hour casting process, we are excited to say that all who auditioned will be used in the productions as actors!!

Thanks again to all the students who auditioned!  We mean it here at DJT when we say you should all be very proud of your audition. You were all quite brave and we were really impressed with your talents.

Should you have any additional questions about the audition process, do not hesitate to e-mail our Artistic Director, Daniel Sheridan <hyperlink email>. He would be happy to answer any further questions.


Other Opportunities

DJT Programs kick off next week with Theatre.  Then Dance classes and camps the week after that!  Check it out!

Theatre Classes <hyperlink> - We’ve expanded our class offerings to continue to challenge all our students.  In particular, we’ve added an Intermediate and Advanced Acting course structure to be sure we challenge you as actors!  For those who may want to explore design and technical theatre, checkout our Costume Creation class too.

Dance Classes <hyperlink> - DJT Dance offers a wide variety of classes for kids of all ages and experience levels.  Many actors study tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop to improve their dance abilities for musicals and other production types.  Poise and confidence learned in dance can lead you to success as an actor.   

Performing Arts Camp (Ages 6-13) <hyperlink> - Adventure throughout DJT, exploring acting, improvisation, movement, lights, sound, make-up, and specialty classes. Students will collaborate on the creation of their very own script to perform! Camps are based around a special theme that allows students to experience something new every time. Camp ends with a performance for family and friends on Friday at 4:00pm. Join the adventure!




Listed below is the Cast for our one acts.

We will be sending out packets to you electronically via email by June 16.  We will send your script in the mail around that time as well.  So you do not need to worry about printing your own scripts, unless you would like to in advance.  In this packet, there will be a detailed schedule, script, information about registration payment, registration forms and other important documents.  Please take time to look them all over as a family.

Monday, July 10 – Thursday, July 13 = 8:00am – 1:15pm
Friday, July 14 = 8:00am – 4:30pm
Performance Day
Saturday, July 15
Call = 9:00am
Show #1 = 1pm
Lunch served at DJT
Show #2 = 4pm
Strike = 5:30pm-6:30pm 
* Note – Students who are doing a summer production at another theatre may leave immediately following the performance and not stay for strike.  We want as many kids as can be involved as possible.
Parents Meeting : On the first day of rehearsal, we ask parents to join us for the opening 30 minutes.  We have information for you and the kids that we’d love to share!  We’ll also have a chance to field any and all questions you may have as well.

Actor registration is $75.00.  You can pay registration fee by cash or check at the first rehearsal.  Or go ahead and register in advance online at this link: ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Cast Lists:

The Way Out Cinderella
Directed by Shaun Garrity

Ella – Molly D
Mitzi, step sister – Meredith S
Greta, step sister – Laney C
Katrina, step mother – Audrey S
Myrna, fairy godmother – Malia P
King of Microvania – Tyler W
Prince of Microvania – Isaac S
Palace Guard – Bryce V


Marvello, The Magnificent Magician
Directed by Grace Hipple

Marvello the Magician – Jonathan Y
Lily Laruse – Scarlett C
Lester Finehart – Roger P
Mother Twoshoes – Emma B
Goodie Twoshoes – Bella K
Barker / Police Officer – Andy P


The King’s Creampuffs
Directed by Mickey Sloat

The King – Keegan W
The Queen – Emily A
Algernon / The Page – Jack S
The Princess – Anah E
The First Witch – Cayla O
The Second Witch – Rebecca C
The Herald – Chas N
The Baker – Mary Beth C


Auditions for the next shows will be in August 2017, as we audition for Season 66.  We encourage all our students to try out again and continue to take classes here at DJT or gain theatrical experience wherever they can!

Check out the history of Junior Theatre by exploring our Online Photo Library of adventures and shows past! Maybe you will even spot yourself in our history? \ 

Checkout pictures from Mainstage shows past at this link.