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Auditions for the next Mainstage Shows will be in late August 2017, as we audition for Season 66.  We encourage all our students to try out again and continue to take classes here at DJT or gain theatrical experience wherever they can!

Shows for next season will be announced mid-July. Audition dates and times wil be announced in early August. Three different audition times will be offered at the end of August. Students only need attend one audition.

Checkout pictures from Mainstage shows past at this link.


Our audition process is always fun, supportive and engaging. It is far more like a thearical workshop, where we help put every child at ease and succeed.

Audition Requirements and Preparation
* Come ready to have fun!  Our auditions are part formal audition and part fun theatre workshop.  We try to make sure every student is comfortable, confident and ready to succeed!
* Students must be 9 years or older at the time of the auditions.
* Students must have participated and completed a DJT class or camp program to audition.  Information about our classes and camps can be found at this link. Theatre Classes Found Here.
* Open to residents of any city, not just Davenport.
* Students only need to attend one audition time.  Three times will be offered.
* Students should be ready to provide a conflict schedule for the whole rehearsal period of the show(s) for which they audition.  Schedule overview of shows will be made available on this page, along with audition dates and times.
* Monologue – Whether a play or a musical, students must prepare a short monologue, no longer than 60 seconds. Shorter than 60 seconds is a-okay!  In fact, even 30 seconds is fine.  Must be memorized, so director can work with students.  Monologues longer than 60 seconds will be asked to stop, as we have many actors to see.  
* Students should NOT write original monologues. Please find another piece of literature (play, novel, monologue, book, nursery rhyme, poem, short story, etc.) from which to perform.  Find something that is fun and that you, the actor, are excited to perform.  Short book passages or fun poems/nursery rhymes often make great material for a children’s theatre audition.
* Remember, you are auditioning for a fantastical and adventurous show geared towards young audiences.  Avoid performing extremely dramatic, depressing material.  Fit your monologue to the show at hand.
* Song – Only if the show is a musical will students need to prepare a short song to rehearseSong should be one verse and one chorus from a musical theatre show (not to exceed 45 seconds, shorter is definitely a-okay).  Pick a song that comfortably fits your voice. Please avoid pop songs, prefer musical theatre.  Bring sheet music for the accompanist (piano player). Sheet music for most songs is available at www.musicnotes.com.   You may also sing acapella (without music), but music is preferred.  If you do not have musical number but would like to audition for musical, we can have you sing some stuff along with the piano too.  Lastly, if you do not fancy yourself a singer, pick something simple and approachable for fun (like “Happy Birthday”).  Just relax, be you, have fun and sing out!
* Students should wear comfortable clothes for theatrical warm-ups & games at auditions.  No skirts, please. 
* The Cast, Crew, and other positions will be announced on this page.  Specific dates for announcements will be found with the audition dates when psoted.
* Please note: All students cast in the production will need to pay a $75.00 Mainstage Registration Fee. All student crew will need to pay a $45.00 Crew Registration Fee.  There is no charge to audition.
* Be ready to have fun!

What to bring to audition for schedules?
* Schedules for each show will be posted below when auditions are announced.
* Please bring a detailed copy of your schedule to auditions.  Include any specific dates you already know you will be unable to attend if a rehearsal were scheduled.  We build our schedules from your schedules.
* Every effort will be made to accommodate for students' schedules and conflicts.  However, during our last 10 days of rehearsal, “Tech Week,” we ask that students be fully available.
* At auditions, please be prepared to inform the staff of all scheduled conflicts you will have during the rehearsal period (vacations, school commitments, other classes, DJT classes, etc). It is helpful to make this list in advance before arriving at audition.  Then you can simply turn it in along with the audition form.

How much time will my child commit?

Rehearsals typically happen over a period of 6-7 weeks. Typically students rehearse one to two days a week, around 2 – 3 hours at a time.  During the final 10 days of the production, students will likely have 8 out of 10 days where we are rehearsing in the theatre.  Leading roles can rehearse as much as 4-5 days a week, approximately 3 hours at a time.  An option to play a “supporting role” only is available, if your child is too busy.

We will build our schedule as best we can around your child’s availability.  We want to make sure they can participate in other programs and events that interest them.  However, during the final 10 days of rehearsal we really insist the students commit to all rehearsals. Unlike a sport where you can change out the position, theatre is complicated and everyone’s role is unique.

For performances, we typically run two weekends.  Saturday shows are at 1pm & 4pm.  Sundays at 2pm.  We also have some Wednesday afterschool shows for school groups at 3:30pm.  This will require your child to leave school early on one or two Wednesdays (at 1:30pm) to come get ready for the show.  This is never an issue with schools, as they are supportive of what kids learn here at DJT.  Specific show details are released when auditions for each show are announced.


Technical Crew

Some students may only be interested in joining us for Tech Crew working backstage, on lights, with sound, etc.  If you have an interest in only doing tech crew, please still come to the auditions.  Actors also have the chance to mark down if they are interested in being on crew.  It is a great chance to be involved, learn, and hang out with kids as excited as you are about the theatre!  You will need to complete audition forms and participate in large group warm up activities.  You do NOT need to prepare a monologue or song if your only interest is Tech Crew.  $45 Crew Registration Fee must be paid if selected for crew.

Supporting Role (for the busy student)

Students will have the option to select “supporting role only.”  This lets us know you do not have time to commit to a leading role but are interested in performing.  We have some great supporting roles in our shows!  These roles offer fun, exciting, and challenging stuff with a more limited time commitment for busy students (still required to be fully available for tech week).


Students also have the chance to sign up to be part of our Front-of-House team.   It takes a small army to run the theatre on the day of the show!  We train our Front-of-House team in box office management, concession sales, customer relations, and more.  We strive to make every opportunity for kids to be involved.  There is much to learn on the front-of-house team!  No fee payment required for Front-of-House team members. Time commitment for FOH is one rehearsal and then all performance days, typically two weekends of performances.

Sometimes we may have specialty items for a production.  This could include puppetry, mask work, dance, musical instruments, and more.  We will always post special opportunities along with audition announcements and paperwork.


Auditions for the next shows will be in August 2017, as we audition for Season 66.  We encourage all our students to try out again and continue to take classes here at DJT or gain theatrical experience wherever they can!

Check out the history of Junior Theatre by exploring our Online Photo Library of adventures and shows past! Maybe you will even spot yourself in our history? \ 

Checkout pictures from Mainstage shows past at this link.