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1) WELCOME - We are excited to have you here!!!
Welcome to DJT Dance, a fresh program geared towards the development and bettering of your child’s personal growth! We look forward to your participation in our program, giving your child the tools to express confidently and creatively! We believe dance is and should be fun!

The classroom is for enrolled students only. Designated show weeks will be scheduled during the session for families to watch the last 5-10 minutes of class. Otherwise the classrooms are for students only. Children participate to their fullest when it is only their fellow students in the classroom. Parents are not allowed in studio unless invited by staff or during our parent show week.

3) LATE/ABSENCE POLICY - A true team effort
Any student with more than two unexcused absences may not participate in the performance. If you know you are going to be late or absent, please contact us in advance. 563/888-3431 or contact our Studio Coordinator via email (Click Here). Excessive absences may result in not being able to participate in performance.

4) ILLNESS - Oh no! Feel better!!
If your child is sick, please contact us to let us know if you will not make class. It helps us plan for the group.

5) RUNNING LATE? - We've been there.
Life happens! We know! If you know you are going to be late, please contact us in advance. Some things are unforeseeable.

We will cancel classes due to extreme weather or emergencies. We post notifications on the homepage of our website and on our voice message system, 563/326-7862. Please us your discretion and stay safe. Classes cancelled by weather cannot be rescheduled. You can sign up for our text alerts as well. Text @DnceFall17 to 81010.

For our most current information, visit our website at www.DavenportJuniorTheatre.org. Checkout our parent info tab in dance section.

There will be no costume fee for the Fall session. Students wear their classroom attire for final sharing. The Winter/Spring session is our recital session. For that session there will be a $45.00 costume fee per class.

We will be sending handouts home with your child throughout the course. These handouts will discuss any change in classroom policies and will provide updates on information regarding the class or upcoming special events. Please read them carefully. We will also send emails and update our parent info section.

During a designated week, parents will be invited into the studio for the last 10 minutes of class. We hope you can join us! Outside of this sharing, studios are for students only.

All classes will run on Monday holidays.

Please let our Dance Coordinator or desk team know if your child requires any special accomodations. We want all students to be successsful.

We do offer free wi-fi access for our guests. Please note that on our Wi-Fi you may not engage in any illegal activities or pirated downloads. Thank you.

The following dance attire is required for all classes and can be purchased locally or online.

-All hair must be pulled back.
-No food, candy or gum.

Budding Ballerinas: Leotard, tights, skirt, pink leather ballet shoes or black pants and black shoes for boys. NO house slippers or fabric soles (slippery and dangerous).

Ballet: Leotard, tights, skirt (black pants for boys), leather soled ballet shoes . NO house slippers or fabric soles.

Tap/Jazz: Leotard, tights, skirt or pants, black tap and/or jazz shoes.

Hip-Hop: Loose fitting and comfortable clothing, black jazz shoes (preffered) or clean street shoes.

Poms : Dance pants, athletic/comfortable top, black jazz shoes.

Tumbling: Girls: leotard & shorts. Boys: t-shirt & shorts. Shoes: Barefoot

Lyrical: Comfortable clothing, prefer shorts / capris. Shoes: Girls - Foot Undeez or barefoot. Boys - Jazz shoes or barefoot.

* Always wear appropriate footware when arriving at DJT. Bare feet are allowed in studio areas only.


Here at DJT Dance, we strive to make classes accessible and affordable for all parents and students. That's why we've started a shoe exchange program.

How it works:

When students outgrow their dance shoes we will accept them as a donation. We will collect all lightly worn dance shoes so students with financial need will be able to have access to appropriate footwear for their class.

Students and parents who donate their shoes will have an opportunity to trade in their old shoes for another size (if available). As the DJT Dance program grows, we hope to grow our donation efforts.


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