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"Engage! Empower! Express!"

Our professional instructors help create a lifetime of poise and confidence for all our students of every level.  We are a non-competitive dance program that focuses on the joy and fun of learning dance. 

* Dance classes sign-in at the Dance Studio, in the lower level of Nighswander Theatre.
* Students must be potty-trained before joining

Fall Session Schedule- September 9 - December 7, 2017

Winter Session Schedule - January 13 - May 3, 2018

Dance Attire Requirements
Explanation of Levels
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(Click any title to see a description.)
Budding Ballerinas (3-4yrs)
Tumble Tots (3-4yrs)
Li'l Hip Hop (5-6yrs)
Ballet I-IV

Advanced Ballet/Pointe
Beginning Tap - Tap III
Jazz I-III
Hip Hop I-III
Poms Dance Team I-III (5-6 / 7-9 / 10+)
Tumble = Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced
Lyrical (10+)

Homeschool Ballet Program (fall/winter only)

Enroll Today! - At this link

Appropriate Dance Attire is essential to move properly and succeed in learning.  The following dance attire is required.

All hair must be pulled back.
Students should arrive early to class and be ready to begin on time.

Ballet: Leotard, pink/tan tights, dance skirt (black jazz pants for boys). Ballet Shoes: pink leather or canvas ballet shoes; boys option: black ballet shoes (no house shoes or fabric soles). 
Pointe: Same as ballet, but pointe shoes are also required. Note, instructor must recommend kids go on pointe before they purchase shoes.
Tap/Jazz: Black leotard, tan tights, black jazz pants/capris’. Jazz: Black leather jazz shoes. Tap: Black tap shoes. Hard sole shoes preferred (no split sole shoes)
Hip Hop: Loose fitting and comfortable clothing; yoga pants/capris and athletic top. Shoes: Black jazz shoes or clean tennis shoes with socks.
Poms: Black dance pants, leotard and/or athletic/comfortable top, black jazz shoes.
Lyrical: Comfortable clothing - preferably shorts/capris. Shoes: Girls – Ballet shoes, Foot Undeez or Barefoot. Boys: Black jazz or ballet shoes (for men) or Barefoot.
Tumbling: Girls: Leotard, shorts;  Boys:Leotard/t-shirt, shorts; Shoes: Barefoot.  Avoid any baggy clothes or jewelry.

Having trouble finding dance attire locally? Check out DiscountDance.com. 

Dancewear Place - 6632 Northwest Blvd, Davenport, IA 52806

Body and Sole - 2660 E 53rd St, Davenport, IA 52807

Walmart & Target - For little ones, target and Walmart carry leotards and skirts. Walmart occasionally carries some leather sole ballet shoes. 

Payless Shoes - Payless sells ballet shoes and possibly some sizes of tap shoes. 

Levels I & II: Students learn basic dance terminology and clarify technique. Class structure includes isolation and flexibility warm-ups for Jazz and Hip-Hop; barre and centre work for Ballet and Tap. All classes include dance combinations designed especially to build core basics. No previous dance experience necessary.

Levels III & IV: For the student who is ready for more complicated technique and combination work. More rigorous classroom training will generate a stronger and more confident dancer. By teacher recommendation only.



Budding Ballerinas (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Ages 3-4
Our tiniest dancers learn ballet fundamentals and dance class etiquette.  Focus is on developing core basics and having fun!

Tumble Tots (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Ages 3-4
Flip, Flop, Tumble and Roll! Our littlest tumblers begin learning basic floor gymnastics and exercises to increase flexibility, strength, and balance. All tumbling done on floor mats with instructor spot and guidance.

Ballet I–IV (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
The classical dance form that is the foundation for most dance approaches, ballet teaches strength and poise.  Class provides proper training in ballet technique, alignment, terminology, and incorporates discipline that is an integral part of dance.

Homeschool Ballet I–IV (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Offered during the days on Thursdays, our homeschool program provides families the oportunity for daytime training and fintness in the art of ballet for all ages.

Advanced Ballet/Pointe (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Students work to master the ballet technique, discipline, and dance expression. Pointe shoes, ballet shoes with a hard box for the toe, enable dancers turn and move around while on their toes. Purchase of pointe shoes are only necessary when students are recommended to move beyond exercises and onto full pointe. *Must be recommended by an instructor*

Lyrical (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet, jazz, and modern dance with an emphasis on fluidity and grace. In this class, dancers learn to express themselves as artists while dancing to stories revealed in the lyrics of contemporary music. Focus is on the feeling behind the music and expressing emotion through movement.

Beginning Tap - Tap III (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Tap uses special tap shoes to make rhythmic sounds and combinations. This class develops timing, rhythm and coordination.

Jazz I-III (Fall Schedule / Winter Schedule)
Jazz utilizes techniques and movements from ballet and modern dance. This class is designed to develop expression of music through creative movement.

Li'l Hip Hop - Hip Hop III (Fall Schedule / Winter Session)
This course uses high energy, contemporary routines with current moves and popular music. Hip Hop builds precision with sharp, dynamic movements.

Poms Dance Team I-III (Fall Schedule / Winter Session)
A fun and high-energy class focused on areas of dance, cheer, leaps, turns, jumps and more tricks! Students learn precision and strong arm motions while focusing on technical dance skills of balance, strength, and flexibility. Students will learn routines in areas of jazz, hip hop, kick line and more.

Tumble (Fall Schedule / Winter Session)
Ages 5-7 / 8+ / Intermediate / Advanced
Floor gymnastics for the beginning to intermediate tumbler. All classes use floor mats with no use of trampoline or bars. Students seeking advanced training may be referred to a gym.

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